the ewb team

A growing community

A growing community of people around the world with an interest in a constructive future for South Africa, including many ex-South Africans, are championing EwB’s mission to promote more positive educational outcomes for young people in disadvantaged communities.

The EwB board in South Africa is primarily responsible for the governance and support of the educational programme and its operations on the ground. The EwB operations team directly oversees the day-to-day delivery of after-school and holiday programmes to learners at schools or community centres in townships outside Cape Town.

Education without Borders has its primary base and programme in South Africa, which is linked to a network of partners in Canada, Australia/New Zealand, USA, each of which is registered as a not-for-profit entity in its own country.

Each of the EwB partners has charity status and raises funds in their respective countries for the EwB programme in South Africa. In each of these countries, South African Film Festivals have become annual events that both celebrate South African film and provide a platform for fundraising. Other fundraising activities include cultural events and grant applications.

South african team

Anthea Jansen

Programme Lead

I have dedicated decades of my life to the country’s most disenfranchised young people and their families. My years in child and youth development, training, mentoring and supervising, together with my experience as the founder of Building Bridges, an after-school organisation that provides psychosocial and educational support have equipped and impassioned me in my role at Education without Borders.

Corvell Cranfield

Director of Education and Operations

A passionate educationist dedicated to transforming lives in underserved communities, I employ innovative teaching methods, especially in mathematics, am committed to breaking barriers and to empowering learners especially those in challenging environments. My motto ‘Every child matters’ and my belief that every child can be successful underpins the approach and values that I bring to Education without Borders as its director.

Likho Lubisi

Site Coordinator, Nyameko Primary School in Mfuleni

I bring a background in the Management of diverse staff, youth training and youth employment programmes. Through my years working with EwB, I have learnt to love working with children, leading different age groups of learners from different backgrounds, cultures and values, and am passionate about bringing success and hope to children from underprivileged communities.

Lungiswa May

Admin Assistant and Tutor

I grew up in a poor, disadvantaged community and felt strongly that one day I needed to help other kids from similar backgrounds to mine. I began my work life as a domestic and was fortunate to be asked to help their children with their homework. Here my love for education began. I joined the Nobantu School aftercare homework programme and then Education without Borders – thereby achieving my dream!

Mickayla Smith

Site Coordinator, Bellville South Primary and High Schools

Having been raised in a community like Bellville South, I bring my personal lived-experience to Education without Borders. As a community and family worker, I have worked with youth in a variety of contexts and have facilitated leadership camps, both in South Africa and the United States. I am now passionately dedicated to executing the vision and mission of Education without Borders, an impeccable team and outstanding organisation of which I feel blessed to be a part.

Monde Mdingi

Tutor and Alumni Coordinator

A musical director by profession, I became the choir director for the Fezeka Secondary Schools Choir which won multiple awards under my directorship. My role in supporting the EwB team has exposed me to many young people with knowledge and wisdom. I feel honoured to be a part of an organisation that has a positive impact on the lives of our tutors and the learners we serve.

Unathi September

Site Co-ordinator, Mseki Primary School

As a person who grew up in a disadvantaged community, I understand the struggle that young people are facing and know how easy it is to be demotivated. My life’s calling is in community and youth development. I am passionate about our work, as EwB provides exactly the support our young people need, to develop confidence and belief in themselves academically, and to find hope, optimism and positivity in their lives.