Indigenous Projects in Canada

A portion of EwB Canada’s revenue is allocated to local Indigenous projects in British Columbia, Canada, such as the Indigenous Storybooks Canada Project, the Seabird Island Band Outdoor Education Program, a podcast broadcasting archival Indigenous Elder memories, and project to produce graphic materials in the form of comics that engage with the podcast’s themes.

Graphic Novel Project
Archival recordings of Elders featured in the “Remember” podcasts are being translated into three short comics. Each collection of clips explores life in the Bute Inlet in decades past, and the “Remember” Comics Project uses comic art to visually re-present selections of the podcast’s recordings to produce graphic materials that engage with the podcast’s themes. This project is a collaboration between EwB, the UBC Comics Studies Cluster, and the Homalco First Nation. Read more in an article by CBC here.

Remember Podcast: Recordings of Elders Explored
Launched on Canada’s National Truth and Reconciliation day in 2022, Education without Borders is partnering with 100.7 The Raven to produce an Indigenous-led podcast exploring memories of First Nations elders. Episodes are available here, and cover themes such as hunting and food, traditional burial grounds, growing up on the reserve, and more.

Funding for this podcast is provided by EwB, with a donation from Hammerco Lawyers LLP in memory of Mel Beaton, to contribute to a legacy of reconciliation and cultural education for the benefit of Canadian society.

The Indigenous Storybooks Canada Project
In 2018, EwB began to provide support for collaboration with Indigenous Storybooks – a Canadian website for children, families, community members and educators. The Indigenous Storybooks project aims to make the text, images, and audio of open access stories available in Indigenous languages, English, French, and Spanish. These translated stories currently come from the Little Cree Books project in Alberta, Canada – a groundbreaking digital initiative promoting literacy in the Cree language. The site also has a resource section that includes reviewed and vetted storytelling resources to support educators to bring traditional Indigenous stories into their classrooms.

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