ewb programmes

Education without Borders (EwB) provides education for disadvantaged and at-risk children. These include after school tutorial sessions in mathematics, English, some targeted science topics and further programs supporting psychosocial support and leadership. EwB also offers Home language enrichment programs (isiXhosa, Afrikaans and English) in the early years (foundation phase).

These after school programmes operate from a number of sites in the Western Cape. EwB also supports local Indigenous projects operating in Canada.

EwB currently serves approximately 600 learners across Cape Flats townships and surrounding areas, with programme activities facilitated by a dedicated team of about 50 tutors, the majority of whom are students at the University of Cape Town or the University of the Western Cape, including some EwB graduates.


Our learning model

TOWNSHIP FOCUSED as the areas where EwB works are the most populated and face the biggest challenges.

SMALL GROUPS with a learner-to-tutor ratio that maximizes learning.

SHARED INFRASTRUCTURE to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs.

MENTORSHIP to help tutors learn from experienced teachers.

COORDINATED LEARNING with in-school curriculum and existing educational objectives and policies.

HYBRID EDUCATION including tablet-based learning alongside small group tutorials.