Exploring Traditions: Indigenous Elder Stories

Education without Borders (EwB) is supporting the Homalco Nation in a project that converts analogue recordings of Elder stories (from past generations) into digital format that is broadcast on Homalco’s own radio station, 107.3 FM The Raven, in the form of “Remember” podcasts. To-date, twelve episodes have been produced and hosted by Tchadas Leo. Funding was donated by a Law firm Hammerco Ltd in honour of Mel Beaton.

Archival recordings of Elders featured in the “Remember” podcasts have also been translated into three short comics. Each collection of clips explores life in the Bute Inlet in decades past, and the “Remember” Comics Project uses comic art to visually re-present selections of the podcast’s recordings to produce graphic materials that engage with the podcast’s themes. This project is a collaboration between Education without Borders (EwB), the UBC Comics Studies Cluster, and the Homalco First Nation.

Under the leadership of Tchadas Leo, three Indigenous artists have been hired and an initial trip up the Bute Inlet (pictured above) was held in November 2023. This trip enabled the artists and members of EwB and the UBC Comics Studies Cluster to hear first hand Elder stories and to see the original habitat of the Homalco people.


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