Canadian Students Rally to Support South African Student’s Education

Three students (Racheal Liu, Bunayya Nazneen and Maryam Syed) from Semiahmoo Secondary School in Canada are making a difference by raising funds for Evariste Nyembwe, an alumni of Education without Borders’ after-school programme. Despite facing financial hardships, Evariste has been accepted to study Computer Science at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Inspired by the cause, Maryam Syed, one of the students leading the initiative, shares her journey of learning about global education disparities and the joy of making a meaningful impact in Evariste’s life.

“My name is Maryam Syed and I am an IB 11 student graduating in 2025, studying in Canada. I learned about Education without Borders (EwB) through a group search with my friends when we were looking for volunteering opportunities to learn more about our world’s education system and how to be involved with making any sorts of improvements to it. That’s when my friend Racheal found out about this organisation. I was immediately excited and nervous at the same time to take part because it felt so surreal to help people across the world! Especially when we had our first meeting with a student in need of financial aid, Evariste, particularly in need of a laptop and living expenses. This interaction left me more motivated to work harder, full of joy to be involved in this community and grateful for the opportunity of helping others get their support.

Our latest achievement was raising almost $2,000 dollars for Evariste in March, which was much more than I could imagine we could have done. I was left shocked and full of joy that we accomplished something like this in a short amount of time. Since this was the first time I was directly involved in a fundraiser, leaving me proud of myself and our team of 3. Overall, so far I am learning more about the importance of education for everyone and how hard it is for some people to be supported throughout their journey. This has made me feel very grateful for what I have today in terms of opportunities and I’m eager to help other students gain the same deserving opportunities. I hope to see this organization flourish and an improvement in the education system around the globe in the future through our efforts.” – Maryam Syed

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The three IB students are Racheal Liu, Bunayya Nazneen and Maryam Syed (from L to R).


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